Many thanks. com. Get it as soon as German WW2 Helmets: German Helmets : Questions & Answers. – Original parts such as liners and chinstraps. The point is, the runes were painted on, proof was shown in the photo below and 14 Sep 2014 Just moved into my recently deceased grandfathers house. WW2 M35 ET62 German Luftwaffe Double Decal Helmet. Fakes have now become very sophisticated as prices have risen, and it's now almost impossible to give an opinion without actually handling the item. Help and AnnouncementsLooking for assistance regarding the forum ? Other Militaria WW2 or earlierNote that German Helmet Vault only guarantees expertise on German WW2 helmets. A. With noun/verb tables for the different cases and tenses links to audio pronunciation and relevant forum discussions free vocabulary trainer Mar 18, 2020 · Replaces the standard helmet for Michael from bikers DLC. I have a modular that I wear quite a bit but around town and shorter rides I succumb to a "German style& 2 Jul 2013 Page 3- Repro WWII German helmets Other. These helmets were subsequently recalled from service and replaced with the more widely known M1938. Added one more helmet -- I made this one to look like a DAK helmet that was repurposed for use in the ETo or Mediterranean. Also available as App! 10 Jan 2019 From Steel to Smartphones, Meet the Forum's New Factories of the Future · 中文 · Geneva, Switzerland, 10 January 2019 · BMW Group (Regensburg Plant, Germany): · Danfoss, Commercial Compressors 20 Dec 2013 Why would they have a helmet if they won't even let us say ****?” a lot of forums and games censor that word I think it has less to do with the WWII German Socialist party and  New Forum about the German caps and helmets in WW II and Prussian only. Not ready yet but in progress. Including Models of the First World War (Models M16, M17 and M18) as well as models of the Second World War. The inner peak has a regimental stamp. Now that is the factory color. (Models M35, M40 and M42) – The best in R eproduction helmet parts and components. Luftwaffe had ground troop, using same equipment as the Army. h046083 m18 double decal transitional helmet "si66 May 29, 2010 · I've just back a German M16/M17 steel helmet shell that I acquired a number of years ago having been restored. Education is your best defense against being ripped off. 8 out of 5 stars 972. The german 13 Feb 2009 OT-German helmet insignia query | Forums. Dec 10, 2020 · Notice the quenching of the helmet shells into an oil quench, as one would expect, indicated by the "flaming on the surface of the liquid, rather than a water quench. By Trond in forum Today's Finds! Replies: 14. As I understand it the German helmet is better for Forum Novelties - German Officer Pickelhaub Helmet, Black & Gold Colored in Hats. Any helmet experts out there? I am wondering why the allies did not adapt the German-shaped helmet. Moderator: Andrea C. www. Add to Wishlist . German helmet identifica Forum Novelties - German Officer Pickelhaub Helmet - Plastic Imperial Prussian Helmet - Black & Gold Colored: Amazon. In Stock . org: Your online dictionary for English-German translations. Original View Profile · View Forum Posts. The leather on the inside is stained with sweat, and the rest of the helmet is dirty from regular handling Tags: None  German Helmet Serial Numbers from WWII. The SS grew from a small paramilitary unit to a powerful force that served as the Führer's "Praetorian Guard," the Nazi Party's "Shield Squadron" and a force that, fielding almost a million men (both on the front lines and as political police), managed to exert Aug 13, 2012 · Re: M1916 WWI German Helmet / What color is this?? Hi Steve, generally the feldgrau used on WW1 helmets was a more green shade. When you look at it, it's not hard to come to that conclusion. Forum Tools. Dec 28, 2012 · Cache of Dreams: Thousands of German-made helmets discovered in Finland It isn’t possible to know what treasures might be found in the thousands of recently acquired helmets. Basically, the M35 Helmet in 1944 will have the greenish German field grey (see Vallejo, AK, MiG, Humbrol) with NO stamp or shields painted on the sides. M40 - Heer NS62 sd. May 23, 2020 · Can anyone familiar with the German steel helmet makers assist with identifying the partial markings on this apparent M16 Stahlhelm. The chinstrap looks new, but then again, boxes of unopened German WWII gizmos and doodads turn up all the time - so it's possible the chinstrap was replaced with an original period piece. 130 posts. The foundation of the German Air Force began in 1933 following the creation and integration of the Deutscher Luftschutz-Verband (DLV), the Prussian Politzieabteilung Wecke battalion, and the Fliegerjugend youth organization. This model for parachute units of Luftwaffe was released in 1936. Helmets, visor caps and other WWII military headgear relics we discovered on the Stalingrad battlefields diggings. Demand for Authentic German Helmets is increasing and is at an all time high. ? The stampings are found in the regular position on the left-hand side under-skirt. 48 Topics  Relic German helmet forum - Relic condition steel helmets only. Lots of them made leather liners for many years. Sep 21, 2007 · Luftwaffe helmet insignia followed a pattern of constant change reflecting an era of rapid growth and expansion. Most users ever online was 97 at 12:44 PM on 02-13-2021. Sep 20, 2017 · A Question About German WW2 Helmet Vendors - posted in Historical Discussion: Im wondering if anybody here can give me recommendations on where the best places online are to buy refurbished or reproduction helmets. The difference between the M16-M17 German helmets and the M18 German helmets is that the lower Rivet toward the bottom of the right side and left side of the helmet are not present. Some German helmets have been restored, some others are in the condition they have been found. Forgot your password? The best online picture database. For collectors, it is always important to identify the manufacturer and size of a helmet. He was into a lot of Nazi stuff including knifes, uniforms, and old photographs. Last Post: Jul 07, 2008, 07  Would it be possible to see East German surplus helmets in game? Tarkov can always use more low tier loot for raiders and players needing to ID each other. rpf \ models \ cdimages \ streamedpedprops. Heer decals. M35 Luftwaffe helmet by MAP 6 hours ago, 1 Reply. Oct 11, 2012 · In Relic German helmet forum 10-13-2012, 11:42 AM. More photos can be posted if useful. com for this More than 25 Million German combat helmets were manufactured during the Second World War. Milforum Military Forum  6 Oct 2011 German pilot helmet/skull cap - posted in Free subject: hello all, there are these 2 skull caps that are look similar on the outside but on the inside one is worn out and is bare leather while the other seems to be lined wi 12 Feb 2003 The German WWII helmets are very similar to DV's helmet, even though it's not the source. Took them out for a test ride last night to scare the locals. 00. One does see a number of relic WW2 German helmets for sale on eBay that have sustained battle damage in which the shell appears to have "shattered" and failed. I was able to pass out a lot of business cards and met a number of collectors that have never had contact with. Großherzog Nr. I would like to know opinions on this German paratrooper helmet. If you are going to be a serious collector, learn, learn, learn. 14. Feb 14, 2021 · Item 794 M16 Imperial German combat Helmet This is a very nice example of an ET64 M16 helmet which was factory fitted with a steel framed liner after 1917. For those who don't know, sometime around January 1943 a small batch (sources say 100, but likely a bit higher) of German-style helmets was manufactured in Britain, for use by the First This WWII combat helmet was worn by a member of the Wehrmacht, or Nazi Germany Army, during the assault on Normandy. SS m35 DD by schwerpunkt73 18 mins ago, 1 Reply. pickelhaube · helmet; (and 2 more). aimed at those who enjoy cycle touring and lightweight camping. Dealer selling fake german german army helmets. It's like new so I'm debating what I want to do with it. Need to study decals ? This is the place. And like Kevin said, they're called Sto German unit histories, lineages, OoBs, ToEs, commanders, fieldpost numbers, organization, etc. Jun 25, 2018 · German Helmet Forums ; For Reference : Originals ; Original decals Moderators No moderators for this section; Original decals. Forum for M16 - M18 helmets and Austrian models used in the Interbellum (post World war 1) and during the Third Reich period. The East German stahlhelm can at least deflect 9x19, 9x18 and  I just wanna know if the helmet Decorated German Bascinet exists anywhere outside of KCD. $39. WW1 helmets of the German army are very interesting, especially the M16 and M17 helmets. Note, photo requirements are the same as Collecting German World War 2 helmets. Choosing a costume for Halloween is a task in itself. Books referenced in the creation of this website are: 1. AHR Run-G DOT German Style Motorcycle Half Helmet Open Face Cruiser Chopper Biker Skull Cap Helmet Black M. Helmet was found by a cou Remember me Not recommended on shared computers. This is easily discerned by locating the manufacturer code and the size stamp underneath the skirt of a helmet. A friend of mine was recently given this rather distressed and corroded German(? ) helmet and we were wondering if anyone could shed any light on its origins and age? It has a canvas chinstrap which I dont think would be  “I received my order, the helmet is as described and even better than on the pictures, I am extremely satisfied with my purchase and will place a new order very soon. Currently I am considering my options and Ive had a look at several sites, including ATF(which unfortunately didnt have one that was cheap that was my size) and German Helmets Inc German paratrooper helmet and its varieties are probably the rarest and most expensive helmet of the Third Reich. By German WWII M40 Heer Helmet. Sell your German Militaria 1914-1945 in this Forum. The most noticable difference is the curved shape of the Hungarian design, I'm sure you can notice it. See more ideas about german helmet, helmet, military helmets. 20 Jul 2012 Finally got my new WWII retro aviator goggles to go with my new German helmet. German WWII Luftschutz Gladiator Helmet. Once in white paint and th eother hand etched into the base paint. German WWII Heer M35 Dark Overpaint Helmet. WWI M16 Bell L Size 64 German Camo Helmet Nov 15, 2014 · mitchell pattern helmet covers US Mitchell Pattern Helmet Cover Contract Numbers By kenny andrew , November 15, 2014 mitchell pattern helmet cover contract numbers The M31 helmet continued to be used after WWII, and by several countries. by Murph78 11 Nice 1915 Prussian Pickelhaube w/Cover 26th Engineer Bringback By ScottG, October 24, 2018 14 replies; 1. The helmet is obviously repainted but there seems to be some type of wwii liner in the helmet? The liner itself se Nov 29, 2019 - Explore darren's board "German helmet" on Pinterest. M40 - Heer NS62 sd John Burnett Helmet Forum. The seller came down on his asking price as no one seemed interested. 275. Even today in 2016 , 71 years after World War 2 , collectors still find helmets in the possession of the families of veterans , in abandoned houses and on battlefields. Relic condition steel helmets only. German WW2 Helmets: German Helmets : Questions & Answers Recent forum topics. Aug 11, 2020 · WWII German helmets have become an absolute 'minefield' since prices have rocketed over the last ten years - so please do not take this reply as definitive in any way. As one that collects German WW2 Luftwaffe items. S. This was in late 39 he is 4th from the left. They are more Forum Novelties - German Officer Pickelhaub Helmet, Black & Gold Colored: Amazon. – A selection of high quality R estored helmets of various models and sizes. As he hasn't got access to the internet i&nb 24 Apr 2011 LOL) then go with a full face helmet. 00 at a local flea market. *NEW HELMETS FOR SALE* WWII M42 ET66 German Luftwaffe Single Decal Helmet. 2k views; JohnS3rd March 4, 2020 Jul 25, 2020 · Hello, I am a new member. Next best thing would be a "modular" ( Nolan makes a nice one). WWII M42 EF66 German Waffen SS Single Decal Helmet. Luckily for me there was a much larger flea market/antique show on the same day and my competition was at that particular show. Sign In. The German steel helmet decreased German head wound fatalities by 70%. rpf \ player_zero_p 1. The blue paint is seen on the underside of the helmet. Jun 17, 2018 · Helmet brought back by Navy vet(H Larsen). Please have a look at two of mine which exhibit the original paint to the interior, even though the Austrian one is a transitional rebuild. Drew L  24 Jul 2018 A forum for new and old members alike to post helmets and helmet related components like liners and chinstraps that they would like the forum members' opinions on authenticity. For example, we display a WW1 German M16/M17 Stahlhelm “Coal Bucket” Steel Helmet in April and it has been sent for $743 to a German militaria fan. It represented M35, which almost completely lacked a peak and a back skirt for ¾. Are there any chances of getting real, German helmets at some point? Hungarian helmet (in-game): German helmet: 1 is a EF (M35/M40/M42) helmet with Huber Jordan & Körner decal. The helmet look good to me but I am just a beginner to this hobby. mx: Juegos y juguetes. Forums. Cosmitron is offline OSW Member As I know M40 and M42 German helmets has different shape of hull than M35. M35 camo hook. You can buy Russian, German and Axis war relic helm in online Stalingradfront store Learn the translation for ‘helmet’ in LEO’s English ⇔ German dictionary. ? Cheers, SS German Helmet Forums German Pickelhaubes German & Austrian Steel Helmets 1916 - 1918 Transitional Combat Helmets 1919 - 1945 Oct 23, 2018 · German officer pickelhaube helmet is not only beautifully designed for the conventional international style parties but it also makes an impressive look as a display piece or as an artifact. The M1 helmet is a combat helmet that was used by the U. 925. They have accumulated a nice data base of helmets, types of decals, and run numbers. As the German Reichswehr slogged it’s way through the turbulence of the 1920s, supply issues were a constant concern. Show Threads Show Members cannot post in these sub forums they are purely meant for reference. WWII German M-35 SS Helmet - The Schutzstaffel, abbreviated SS was a major Nazi organization under Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party. German Helmet Forums ; For Reference : FAKES AND REPRODUCTIONS Moderators In creating this website I have referred to the leading internet forum regarding German combat helmets, German Helmet Walhalla. au: Toys & Games. On occasion it will be updated with fine examples of helmets and militaria. 10 WW1 helmets are found in Norway through the advertising. if you like it, make like it and i will make additional helmets for all characters replace files from archive folder mods \ x64v. Just wondering if anyone can help give details on two German helmets I have? Need some expert advice from someone on what exactly I have got and possible value. In truth according to the German high command there was only one model, the Model 35, so called because the first years of production was in 1935. german helmet decal SS, 1rst pattern 'mirror'. Mark This Forum Read View Parent Forum; Search Forum. I have asked few people on Facebook about this helmet. WWII German Winter White Wash Army M40 Period Refurbished Single Decal Combat Helmet Large Size 66 $535 This is a good honest combat helmet which started life as a single decal Army, and was later painted white for the winter war, probably in Russia. The social aspect is one of the best things about the show. At the front inside is a printed cloth label of the wearer: Vizewachtmeister Kurz, 1. German WWII M40 Heer Helmet. 2,019 posts. It didn't look like this when I first got it - liner holes filled with car body filler, then covered with a thick layer of black paint, covering a layer of gold paint, rather sadly apparently covering what appeared to be much of it's original field-grey paint . Dec 20, 2018 · Even then they rarely wore helmets. 3 are WW1 helmets with WW1 paint, WW1 liners and WW1 chinstraps. Jan 05, 2019 · I looked into it and came to the conclusion: the game actually uses Hungarian helmets for the Wehrmacht forces. Two German engineers developed a steel helmet made of tempered chrome-nickel steel with eye and neck protection, which was first issued 1 Apr 2017 German helmet ww2. Aug 30, 2015 · Here are the codes to German helmets: credit to German-Helmets. Relic German helmet forum, Page 25 - Relic condition steel helmets only It showed up online as a post-WWII Finnish helmet, but I remembered seeing a thread on another forum saying what this really is and jumped on it immediately. 7 of these are transitionals. /F. FYI those German WW2 wehrmacht style helmets are novelty helmets designed to look like the military helmets rather than specifically to protect the rider in a crash. A New Liner for a New Era. ”  2 Dec 2015 I am only showing the one photo below because the fake involves other photo's of a German SS rune and it doesn't belong on this forum. Board Moderator: Bugme Topic Specialists: Bill47, Bugme Sep 21, 2007 · The oblong slots in the sides of the helmet were used to attach the chinstrap when the helmet was not being worn during a parachute jump. [ citation needed ] After the adoption of the Stahlhelm, the Pickelhaube was reduced to limited ceremonial wear by senior officers away from the war zones; plus the Leibgendarmerie S. 12,846: posts. Sign in anonymously. All type of helmets related to the British Army & Commonwealth Forces may be posted here. ' 04 VRSCB, Drag One Custom Swing Arm, 240 tire/180 Fender, Power Commander III USB, SE Air Filter, Topless, Custom Turbo Airbox, SE 16 . Who is the best online dealer of German Helmets? In Steel Helmets 09-12-2011, 05:42 PM. des Kaisers whose role as an Imperial/Royal escort led them to retain peacetime full Jan 06, 2020 · Yesterday I took a chance on buying this German helmet for $400. I normal Apr 18, 2015 · M35 helmet, circa 1937 production with an early aluminum liner . There is currently 1 user online. Enjoy your hunt for Original World War II German helmets. “ In the field of restored helmets, you will find no match to the results of the painstaking research and experience that goes into the helmets offered here. com 18 Jan 2019 I bought this helmet not to long ago and when I was examining it I found something I didn't see before. military from World War II until 1985, when it was succeeded by the PASGT helmet. German Helmet Collectors Forum has 5,490 members Relic German helmet forum. The SS grew from a small paramilitary unit to a powerful force that served as the Führer's "Praetorian Guard," the Nazi Party's "Shield Squadron" and a force that, fielding almost a million men (both on the front lines and as political police), managed to exert Dec 04, 2015 · Helmet from Badisches Feld-Artillerie-Regiment Grossherzog von Baden No. It could be something like A L then the size numerals. Members of the Fallschirm lnfanterie Kompanie were issued M1937 helmets bearing Army insignia. Skoruligr March 22, 2018, 11:24pm  LEO. 14 Helmet is in good peacetime quality issue with cockades for a senior nco. By Fritz, December 4, 2015. This one is no doubt a combat veteran. Members can only post in the Members Contributions sub forum. 90 $ 39. RESTORED WW2 HELMETS As worn by Wehrmacht and SS forces of Hitler’s Germany 1935-1945. The paint shows some fresh looking scratches as wel as a rust pot o top but overall the finish is well above average. 1 Version new normal map At JB Military Antiques, we specialise in the purchase and sale of 19th & 20th century German, British, Australian & world militaria, including medals, uniforms, swords/ edged weapons, flags, unit patches/ insignia, badges, helmets/ headgear, field equipment, military books and other items of related memorabilia. Troops will use anything on their hands to change the characteristic shape of de steel helmet. 0 members and 1 guests. ghw2. SS Helmet forum - SS Steel Helmets. 90. Copies made in 1958 known as Stahlhelm 2 (M. M. Very similar. Other sub forums are purely for reference purposes. high quality reproduction, with typical white metallic background. The admin posted up a very informative thread about the later War CKL M1942s with the Champagne Runic decals. Just let me know. h056283 m35 single decal helmet "ns64". 58) with another made in the 1970s with a German 31 Dec 2020 Our links page to cycling and cycle touring forums. h002978 austrian m16 transitional single decal helmet. 3. Post any type of steel helmet or kevlar helmets, helmet accessories and parts, liners, covers, etc. I only have 1 helmet more as a symbol since those into flight rarely wore one, and have no interest in non flying equipment. German WWII Beaded M1916 German helmet (World War I German Helmet) The M1918 Transitional German Helmet: The M1918 is the final German helmet used during World War One. Known as a Stahlhelm, or steel FYI those German WW2 wehrmacht style helmets are novelty helmets designed to look like the military helmets rather than specifically to protect the rider in a crash. Inside of shell is dated 1912. This massive effort was accomplished by five independently owned metal fabrication plants with experience in steel production. ;-) But a relatively fast German poop. Recent forum topics. Heer Wedding Helmet by HoundsTooth A forum for new and old members alike to post helmets and helmet related components like liners and chinstraps that they would like the forum members' opinions on authenticity. Radreise & Fernradler Forum - German cycle forum with a section where you can place posts in Engli A group of infantrymen with the steel helmet designed by Charles L'Eplattenier, around 1917. 28 Oct 2017 german pickelhaube The German Pickelhaube 1 2 3 4. 1 day ago · I am new to this forum. The M35, M40 and M42. German WWII Beaded The GHW (German Helmet Walhalla) forum does a great job of tracking and documenting lot numbers. german-ww2-helmet. 800. 22 Mar 2010 Makes my AMG look like a German poop. Forum Novelties - German Officer Pickelhaub Helmet - Plastic Imperial Prussian Helmet - Black & Gold Colored KEW HANDICRAFTS Prussian Leather Helmet - German Basically, the M35 Helmet in 1944 will have the greenish German field grey (see Vallejo, AK, MiG, Humbrol) with NO stamp or shields painted on the sides. Collecting World War II German Helmets can be a great investment when done correctly. The typical sizes of German helmets are: 60, 62, 64, 66, and 68. Christian Cramner, president of International Military Antiques, said he is confident, though, it was the “last big cache” of German helmets waiting to be discovered. German WW2 Helmets www. Most of it was gone by the time my family and I moved in but just yesterday my step& What is the make of the helmet that looks like a German WW2 helmet? Do you want to fly gliders or ride bikes? most of the German army helmets are found in bike  1/6 scale German M35 helmet. Moderator: Tom Houlihan. It is made of steel, missing 90% of its dark green paint, has a leather suspension system and the name of at least one wearer painted inside. . WWII M35 Q64 German Waffen SS Double Decal Helmet. Offering forums, vocabulary trainer and language courses. I don't usually go in for repros much but found this at a flea market today and it was pretty cheap even as repros go. 10,00 € Add to cart More. Thread: OT-German helmet insignia So, a guy at work was telling me about this German helmet his dad brought back from Normandy. Oct 20, 2016 · The German helmet of World War II is often broken down for distinction in three different models. Ken Niewiarowicz – Germany’s Combat Helmets 1933-1945, a Modern Study (2009) 2. This is one of my 1st pattern German Afrika Korps (DAK) helmets. Note, photo requirements are the same as any other forum, 800x800 minimum size, left and right profiles of helmet, interior, closeups, lot number, maker and size required. Also has the soldiers name on the skirt twice. Its a tan over paint with the Luftwaffe eagle under the paint. the DOT sticker is not an approval of any kind. R. Some said the helmet look good but there are people who comment on split bolt, the rivet, the shell numbers and the thickness of the shell. All it means is that the manufacturer self-certifies that the design of the helmet meets the DOT specification. All with a 100% The internet played a very very big part in enhancing the general knowledge on German WW2 helmets especially in the last 15 years. And, unlike the US M1 helmet, the German helmet came in a variety of sizes. Quality also seems pretty decent. I met a number of fellows that participate in the Helmet forums, such as the German Helmet Walhalla forum and the Wehrmacht Awards Forum.